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California: Three Towns with Deliciously Famous Exports

posted by: Best Western Plus Villa del Lago on: June 18, 2018 12:24:55 PM
We all know that when it comes to good, honest produce to create the very finest cuisine, California’s farmers and growers have some seriously fresh surprises up their sleeves. Here we share with you three of the region’s towns that are well worth a visit because they are famous for producing some pretty amazing Californian delicacies…

1. Go a Little Nutty in Modesto

Did you know that California produces around 80 percent of the world’s almonds? And when it comes to finding the finest delicate little treats, Modesto is all about incredible almonds. After all, the town exports around $455 million dollars’ worth each year – so they must be good! Check out the Stewart and Jasper Orchard store in McHenry Village. And if all those almonds make you thirsty, you can make a pit stop at the store’s wine bar.

2. Find Creamy Treats in Turlock

Turlock is a city that thrives on dairy farming and its peaceful, family-owned dairies can be found throughout the area. The city exports around $463 million each year in dairy produce, so this is THE place to go in search of the finest ice cream and cheese. Swing by the visitors’ centre at the Hilmar Cheese Company on North Lander Avenue for free cheese-tasting or an ice cream-making tour.

3. Go Ape for Apricots in Patterson

Known as the “Apricot Capital of the World”, Patterson provided for around 40 percent of the apricots in the US at the height of its production. Although the actual number of apricot orchards has slowly declined over the years, there are currently around 5,000 acres of prime apricot orchards in the area. An unmissable Apricot Fiesta is held every summer and the pies are just unbelievable!
Nestled in a peaceful valley beneath the picturesque Diablo Mountains, the Best Western Plus Villa Del Lago is a great option for travellers seeking out the tastiest treats in California. Just off the I-5, the hotel is located in a resort-like neighborhood near Diablo Grande Golf Course.
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