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Get ready for The Apricot Fiesta!

posted by: Best Western Plus Villa del Lago on: June 18, 2018 12:36:43 PM

We here in Patterson California are gearing up for one of the most magical times of year in Stanislaus County – The Apricot Fiesta!
Patterson is the Apricot capital of the world, producing most of North America’s apricots from its gloriously lush orchards. The sunny hills of the San Joaquin valley are perfect for this sumptuous crop, and much of the local community is built around growing and harvesting them.
That’s why June is such a big deal for Patterson – having finished the apricot harvest, it is now time to PARTY. Believe us – you want to visit for this.


A three day festival with all sorts of things to do and see, the Apricot Fiesta transforms all of Patterson into a vibrant festival grounds. Just check out some of these awesome events!


The classic contest of strength, arm wrestling is a non-violent, but still entertaining, way to prove who is the best of the best. With two events take place on Saturday, June 3, a weigh-in for contestants and the mainstage competition, this is going to have all the pomp and circumstance of full contact combat sports with the fun of local contestants testing their mettle!


This is hilarious every year; contestants take to the stage to eat as many pies as they can in a limited time. As fun as it is ridiculous, this is a time honoured tradition that lets you know that it really is apricot season!
Craft fairs, parades, BBQs, breakfasts, the crowning of Miss Patterson and much, much more. It’s a jam-packed three days – check out the full schedule here!
Any visit to Patterson is complemented by a stay at the Best Western Plus Villa Del Lago. Ask about our pet-friendly accommodations so your furry friends can take part in the Fiesta fun! Book your stay today
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