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Patterson: Then & Now

posted by: Best Western Plus Villa del Lago on: June 18, 2018 12:29:01 PM
Patterson, California is a city of dreams: dreams of the past, and dreams of the future. Located just off the I-5 in California’s Stanislaus County, Patterson has always represented the sun-soaked ideal of rural America, a vibrant, welcoming community in the very heart of California. Far from the glamour of Hollywood, but sharing its beauty and grandeur, Patterson is a beacon of a community.
So many things have changed over the years, but some things never do. For one, Patterson is still a great place to live, and to visit. For another, the apricot orchards that cover and surround Patterson still smell sweet, and the trees that line the rows of these farms still make for dappled golden light in the evening. Patterson is proud to be the Apricot Capital of The World, and these deliciously sweet and tart fruits are a symbol of home for those of us who live here.
Stanislaus County was of course immortalized in George Lucas’ classic film, American Graffiti, which celebrated the cruising culture of the 1960s in nearby Modesto. Gone are the hot rods and tailfin convertibles of those sunny days, but many local enthusiasts strive to maintain this living history by restoring classic cars and displaying them at the annual Patterson Car Show!
Interested in local history? Than visit the Patterson Township Historical Society. A non-profit run by nearly 300 volunteers who love Patterson as much as we do, this museum presents artifacts from throughout the history of Stanislaus County, and also houses archival records of the region! If you’re trying to learn about the past, you can also purchase a guided tour audio CD at various locations in Patterson that let you drive through the county while learning about its local history!
If you’re visiting Patterson, then you should stay at the Best Western Plus Villa del Lago. We’re part of this community, sponsoring and hosting community events that help keep Patterson a vibrant piece of American history. Book your stay!
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